The Winter War, Project Update

Well I've gotten all of my Battle Honors Winter War Russians painted and thought I would share.

I got a supported platoon done, 3 rifle squads with command plus a mortar team, Maxim Hmg team and an ATR team. I still need to finish a few details, a banner for the flag bearer and I had to rebase my Hmg team (don't ask!).

Beyond that, it's down to some vehicles from force of arms and some scratch terrain that will be in future posts.

I'm still waiting on Finns from the venerable Master Stine as he is to play the opposing force. I think we plan to do a mix of some large platoon size Disposable Heroes games as well as some smaller Point Blank squad based games. The book FUTILE GALLANTRY from Iron Ivan Games covers the Finns for the period and I'm using URRAH! to cover the Russians.

More to come!


  1. Nice pics. Can't wait to see some game footage. :-)


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