Where Heroes Dare! at Cold Wars 2010

All 3 Chapters of the Where Heroes Dare! campaign was played out at Cold Wars 2010

The Devil in Delphi, Chapter 1. Good won the first game at the cost of poor Kumar who took a bullet twice for Captain Achilles.

Chapter 2, The Long Tomb of Doom.

Here Rocket men Tuchun Warlords and Giant Robots collided in Northern China.

Forces deploy and quickly advance to Dare! locations. One Rocketeer's pack fails leaving him grounded.

The Rocketeers quickly seize the Dare! locations, but can they hold them?

Kong Fang's golum, The Brass Mountain advances on the heroes.

Captain Achilles finds the goal, the entrance to Kong Fang's Lair!

The Brass Mountain scales the wall only to be thrown backward by a well placed tank shell. 3 Chinese are crushed to death!

The Devoted Chinese fire through the windows with the aid of trucks.

A daring attempt by Hogan to dislodge Tommy Chung fails.

It's down to the Rocketeers and Yao Min!

The M1A1 Coolidge hammers at Yao Min, a desperate duel erupts between him and Captain Achilles. Yao Min is mortally wounded but uses Dying Breath to throw one last grenade at Captain Achilles killing him, but "Nobody could survive that!" Schtick saves Captain Achilles!

Chapter 3, Deep in Kong Fang's lair...

Kong Fang prepares to summon Shen Lung through an ancient ritual.

The ever changing caverns of Fang's Lair.

The heroes face traps, henchmen, dacoits, and animated six armed statues!!

Shen Lung is summoned! Fang rests in a trance like state as The God Dragon deals with the interlopers.

Shen Lung and Captain Achilles square off. He fights using the discovered Jade Spear of Sun Tzu, but only wounds the beast as it kills him. Little did Shen know that Doctor Merkury with the Disintegration Ray now had a clear shot and destroys the Demon leaving Kong Fang a lifeless husk as well. In the end it was science, Mad Science that defeated Fang's sorcery.

A special thanks to all the great players, it was a lot of fun and if I have my way I'll run it again at Historicon. To be Continued...



  1. Looks absolutely fantastic - the tomb is very well done indeed. Looking forward to more of this...

  2. This looks awesome. I'm really sorry I missed these games. I especially liked the part where the kid and his dad are wandering around the tomb and find that cache of canned ham and other supplies, but then leave it there because the dad thinks its safer to wander the tomb without any food. And I liked when the dad dies and almost immediately, as though through an act of God, the Partridge Family bus rolls up behind the kid and asks him to join them as their new tambourine player. I liked that, it was very believable.
    Great Work buddy!

  3. Very good to see all three projects linked in a great game !

    I love how the terrain actually plays a part in the game as opposed to just being the setting.

    We want more Doc ! ;-)


  4. Mongo that kid was you. And the canned ham.

    Thanks for all the kind words. I have another terrain project that I'll be working on in the coming months.


  5. Cody had a good time J, thanks. I really enjoyed the ending of chapter 2. I doesn't get any bette than that.

  6. 逛到你的部落格,第一個感覺就很好,希望每次更新都是美好的開始,也祝你天天都都開心喔 ..................................................


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