The Battle of Troll Ford coming to Cold Wars

Dig out your favorite Edda, watch a movie with Tony Curtis or Antonio Banderas in it, and sign up for our Club's own Lead Archivist, Jarl Hayden's Cold Wars game: The Battle of Troll Ford on Saturday at 4pm. Here are some pics of our test run with me running the Blues and Dave running the Reds. It's like an election year all over again...

"This is our half of the river and we want to tax your side too!"

"Hey don't make fun of it, I need it to sit on. I HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION!!"

Shield walls form as archers take pot shots from the high grass.

"No Taxation without Representation! F you and your Althing!"

"You can't win, we are Federalized!"

At last it is down to Jarl vs Jarl. The last archer is to shoot whoever wins.

"Maybe we could stop fighting and make a purple Clan?"
"Ha! Fooled you, got you in the gut!"

And in the end it was my lone Jarl that survived leaving him lonely. Game play was fast and fun using modified One Page Fantasy Skirmish. Check it out.



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