Mayhem in Micronesia, Where Heroes Dare!

There I was, there I was, there I was...IN THE JUNGLE!
Another game night at our local club, hosted by our very own Dave and his amazing collection of Pulp oddities. Let's go now to the small, highly contested island country of Micronesia. The only known place on Earth where Porno Bushes and Whiskey Trees can grow.

The overall table in all it's glory.

6 Players duked it out for Colonial Supremacy, I played the role of the Aussie's

Other factions included the Irish Mob, The Japanese Army, the White Russians, The Zeppelin Sky Pirates, and the ever present Cult of Al.

The Japanese hold center court with various Dare! locations scattered across the table. There is much danger and much more to explore...
The Daughtee's deploy and begin to check the surroundings...

The Japanese receive warning of invaders and begin to take positions.

"Oh Merman, How I love thee" said Sea Man the Diver, "I found a Harley and a boat for you"

The Japanese Ball Tank, also known as The Great and Shining Ball, moves out after the Irish.

Treachery most foul! The Aussie leader is gunned down by Big Wheel, the Japanese Ball Tank just as he discovered a secret passage. Life is hard.

Elsewhere the Cult of Al stumbles onto a constrictor and fights for it's life before dispatching it with a single pistol shot to the head. "Henceforth my name shall be...Serpentor! This I Command!"

After entering a very large, bone littered cave, the Bruces fight and kill a very large, and sentient, Komodo Dragon and proceed to drag it's carcass toward the table edge. It's got to be worth something. Somewhere. Sometime. Maybe.

The White Russians fire frantically at the Sky Pirates plane that does a strafing run. A lucky shot with a Grappling Gun by Sea Man the Diver brings the plane down.

The Cult of Al, dragging a 30 ft boa, continues it's quest for stuff.

Shining One Nut, the Japanese Ball Tank rules one half of the table, unable to be brought down by Russian ATG fire.

The Irish decide to shoot the pilot and steal the plane. "You guys know how to fly right? Cause I just shot the pilot..and...uh...I can't fly. Just shoot stuff..."

The locals come out after being bribed by the Bruces. Long Pig is on the menu tonight!

The locals reveal the hidden Sacred Idol, the island's only copy of Hustler.

The White Russians are unable to advance.

The Japanese Recon team befriends a Velociraptor and name him Godzilla. They are also pinned by the Aussies.

The locals pass the Idol to the left hand side, allowing the Bruces to claim a goal.

The Irish are hit by falling rocks! Or was it coconuts?

The Japanese try to defend the Zeppelin.

The Bruces make their way to the table edge with the goods.

The Zeppelin attempts to escape under fire from the white Russians and The Cult of Al!

The Cult of Al succeeds in downing the ballon. Wah, wah, wahhhhhhhhhhhh...

Peace again can be felt in Micronesia.
Great game and a great host, thanks to Dave for running it and all the players. And especially to Bubbles, where ever you are...



  1. Now that's a game ! ;-)
    Really like the zeppelin, nice shot of the "crash" ...


  2. Wow, that game looked awesome! I want that tugboat!.....and that Zeppelin.......and that terrain.......and some of those miniatures.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Yeah, what Mongo said .... :-)


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