It's Rad...

Some more of the promised 15mm Gamma World pics:

The local fauna, do not attempt to feed by hand.
A power frame from a Wal-Mart gumball machine. I bought a few for 50¢ before being accosted by a young attractive teller who said, "Hey those are for kids". I make kids sweetheart :)
Another of the 50¢ robots from gumball land.
Sasha Cohen and his Femme Fatales; Bam Bam and Trixie.
Two lonely large, mutated Badgers that live in a Medieval, technological state.

More to come. Also on my paint bench right now is a beautiful Thagrosh model from Privateer Press, about 30 Spaniards from Old Glory for my Spanish American War project, and a mix of 28mm Pulp figures and 15mm Apocalypsy stuff.



  1. For more badgers, you might check out the Highland badgers done by Grey Cat Castings. They're 25mm, but not overly large. You can get them from Steve Jackson Games Warehouse 23.

    I have a goodly number and keep thinking I should get more, finish up (HA!) the army, and what-not.


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