All I see is Damnation, Whole world's gone to Hell...

Yes I have been listening to Rancid's new album. Below are some pics of my 15mm Scifi minis that I am using for our Gamma World RPG games using the Alternity system.

Our Fallen World PCs, from left to right: Celik, Handy J, Al Warlord of Mars, 9, and finally Mongo.
A few scavengers, be they friend or foe?
The Created also known as Live Metal,or holy crap what kind of weapon is that!
Vagabonds of a world of decay.
Ariel! Ookla! We Ride!
The Knights of Genetic Purity out on patrol.
"What are you doing to prevent mutation?!"
I'll have more to post, I took a ton of pics so expect more soon...



  1. Love the Gamma stuff. What are you using for civillian vehicles. I have never been able to find toy cars in scale with 15mm.


  2. Awesome! Who makes the Thundar figures?


  3. Superfigs has the Thundarr figures in their 15mm Supers Pack 1.



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