More 15mm Cyberpunk Sprawl additions

These are the last pieces from the Street Debris set that I’ve gotten pained up.

Also are some pieces from my other sets-

The Perma Hires Hunt down their target

The app says he went down to this subway

Across town he exits from the subway

The Street Debris stl set gives a lot of choices for the purpose of your prints. The cabling on the sign is braided fishing line.

Back of the Subway port

Here with other pieces

Elsewhere, the other half of the team tracks down a new lead by a Trash port.

The street cleaner is from Matchbox and was weathered with inks and acrylics.

Looking for the asset

Let Shinz know we don’t have him

Behind the counter 

A Sell Port

Showing the versatility of the port prints

No sign of the ganger


Look out!

You’ll never get me alive!!

More to come,


  1. Excellent addition it is slowly building up nicely

    1. Thanks Bro! More in the series coming. I think I have about 17 sets made just waiting to be released.


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