Gaslands Scavenger Scenario game

Our local gaming group had our Holiday game for the December month and it was one of our favorites, Gaslands.

The scenario that was run by none other than Captain Roshon was the Scavenger game.

More than just a crush fest, player were given 50 cans to make a team that would collect loot crates on the map. Each crate obtained would be victory points as well as a table roll to reveal an instant weapon upgrade.

This is also the first time we played with Audience points which added another cool aspect to play.

The overall table

A fine collection of gaming aids for the game, all very worthwhile investments.

Captain Roshon’s Warden Team, ingeniously painted in Prison Jumper orange.

Another view

My 50 cans of Slime Sponsor, Dank Trank and Side Burns

Another Warden Team by Tim of the blog The Safe Hole fame.

Idris team geared by my cuz

The Doom Buggies of Dave, The Divine Wind. Always a deadly group.

Rlee’s team, I think the sponsor was Miyazaki. Captain Roshon painted these also, great looking team.

Rob’s Rutherford team brining in the Camo.

 The Scenario

A great way to keep track of the turn and gear

First group to square off, Tim and Rlee!

Roshon advances on my team, but out of fire arc for the Katusha Ford

While his other cars advance

Dank Trank treads forward and unloads on the missile truck with a HMG, shotgun and Molotov

But is then torched by a Warden burner

Mayhem at the other end of the table between Tim and Rlee!

Dave, in a beautiful piece of template use, captures 2 loot crates and performs a slide to bring his missiles into the face of Cruz’s ride.

Sideburns, dying slowly from being burned in the last gear, goes for his last living move and burns the only car he can reach.

And Dank Tranknis rammed by the Katusha Truck but lives.

Dank Trank returns the favor ranking the burner and then everybody blew up- CROWD GOES WILD!!

And Rlee makes it a three way on the Dave on Cuz action!

More detonations!!

In the end the Doom Buggies of Dave won, claiming 6 crates!

A great game, we had 7 players but it still moved well. We never got past first turn, but made it to Gear 5.

More to come,


  1. thanks for the shameless plug,
    great game. the ever lasting feud between RLee and I will go down in the annals of time.

    1. It was a fun game. The Dino Safari sounds like a great scenario to try next.

  2. Awesome report. Such great looking teams!

    1. Thanks! Part of the appeal of the game is the open variety of teams and the low cost to play.

    2. not to mention, cheap as in money cost.


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