Cyberpunk 15mm scaled stl for sale

The following are stl, 3D print ready files that I am selling for 15mm Cyberpunk gaming.

The following are painted examples, building and scatter terrain only-

A 5 story print of the building files, printed in PLA.

A roof with a door access, a balcony that can be attached to the building facades.

Signs are included in the set, both for the front and sides.

Street level, an awning which can also be attached to the facade.

Trash burner and street light scatter terrain.

A CAT, Computer Access Terminal

Another view of the CAT

Details, the terminal on the lights.


Details of the roof access

Back side of the first floor. Door has a terminal with a facial recognition security camera.

Back of the street lights.

Building floors are stackable

And have plenty of space to place models.

A front view of the CAT

Roof is large enough for a grav car.

The following are unpainted PLA prints of each of the files which I’m selling.

A print of each file being sold and in the set.

Top view

The awning and first floor beside a 15mm miniature

The balcony

Roof access piece

Trash burner


street lights

The stackable floor and roof pieces.

There are vertical slots on the floors to mount the balcony, awning, and also signs.

The tabs for mounting the awning


Tabs for the balcony


Front signs

Side sign

Side sign

The scatter pieces

Another view.

I hope you like them and if you do buy them, have a great time gaming with them.

I have more in the works.

More to come,


  1. that is great man...we need to find and do a spin off Judge 15mm of course.

    1. Thanks Bro, these will work for many a scifi setting.


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