15mm Victus

I’ve gone back to an old project and completed a few more pieces for it, 15mm Victus.

Originally I did my Gladiator games in 54mm as the miniatures are stunning and it’s a grand scale.  Wanting something a little more portable as a side game to be easily brought on excursions, I created a 15mm version of the game.

Using a materials from a local reusit shop, I was able to cheaply produce a case and table from a cigar box.

I lined the top of the case with magnetic sheeting and then glued a hex map on top of it.

The 15mm gladiators are from various manufacturers and are mounted on magnetic hex bases.

Secutor and Retiarii square off on the sands.

Myrmillo vs Thracian

Even though it is 15mm scale you can still see the sica.

Inside the box are separators for Dice, pencils and latch magnets glued in to hold the miniatures.

Secure with room to add.

I’ll be adding more Gladiators, working on historical pairings first before going into some of the odder types.

More to come,


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