Trap Jaw in MOTU

I had a chance to finish a commission of one of the more interesting characters from MOTU, Trap Jaw.

As a kid I remember the commercial of him sliding down a string and changing out his arm weapons, a gun with oddly a scope, something that looked like a nut cracker, and the scratcher.

The gang's all here.

The gun arm with Skelly beside for scale. Trap's a big mudder fudder.

Another view.

Changed our Evil Lynn for the back view.

I drilled out a section of his shoulder and put a rare earth magnet in there so the arms could be swapped out.

Also means it can be positioned differently too.

More to come,


  1. Excellent job. Love the magnet idea as well!

  2. Cool model! The switchable arm is genius.

    1. Thanks man! I couldn't decide on an arm, so this was the only way.

  3. Looks fantastic. Makes me wish I’d magnetised mine now.

    1. Well, now you have a piece for a future conversion. I'm looking forward to getting the Minis version of Trap too.


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