The Venom Raid Part 2

The Venom Raid game went down yesterday, here is the AAR.

6 players at roughly 4hrs, game ended at turn 5 with a Victory for the Joes.

The game begins with the Joes gliding in on a commandeered Coast Guard clipper, landing right by the dock startling the moray pilots and the sentry on duty.

Roadblock and Ace exit the plane with a squad of greenshirts dispatching the sentry and 23mm turret gunners of the morays. Zap also exits the plane and fires a bazooka right into the ASP on the shore, destroying it. The Cobra AA failed to nail the Clipper on the way in, and the clipper failed to deploy a smoke round in front of it. A very cinematic entry!

Wild Weasel boards the Cobra Skycrane and attempts to target the landed Joes but can't acquire them. The Freds also fire but are severely limited by the range.

The Dragonfly enters the table, again the Cobra AA fails to bring it down. It deposits Beachhead, Lowlight and a Packrat onto the deck and tries to target the Cobra chopper but fails.

Cobra forces scramble to repel the invaders on the docks.

Dr Venoms team moves up with a ferret unleashing it's twin 50 cals on Roadblocks team decimating them.

Beachheads team picks of the Lampreys still in their hydrofoils.

But not before one unloads all four missiles into the approaching Joe APC, only one hits passing through the canvas top and killing two passengers.

Undaunted the APC deploys a squad of Steel Brigadiers and keeps advancing.

Slamming a 50mm round into the Cobra chopper destroying it and forcing Wild Weasel to bail.

The only team left on the docks continues to fire on the Cobra positions.

Roadblocks last stand

The Joes jump troops arrive cutting off any Cobra escape.

Venoms team backed by the Ferret fire onto the jump troops.

Cobra AA tries again to bring down the Dragonfly.

But it's the Ferret's rockets that bring it down. Wild Bill bails but is cut down by the Ferret's 50 cals.

Wild Weasel and the Freds attempt to join Cobra Commanders forces.

The living supplement for Where Heroes Dare! I need to add to it once again, Ace, Airtight, and the Dragonfly.

Jump troops continue to block the Cobra escape.

Cobra Commander and Scarface exit the bunker and commandeer the Ferret, "Get off it you fools!!! It's mine!"

And makes a desperate gamble to race it to one of the morays - BUT is killed by a direct hit from the 50mm gun of the APC.

Not much left for Cobra and Venom gets promoted.

Jump troops advance and destroy the neurotoxin.

Venom is trapped.

Wild weasel prepares to surrender to the advancing joes.

Who are now in force on the shore.

Great game! Going to do some tweaks suggested by the players and swap out some vehicle. The cobra chopper will arrive in turn 3 and a moray will be returning from patrol with a dive team.

More to come,


  1. Great stuff! How big is the table? And what are 'average' move distances like?

  2. Table was 4' x 8'. Soldiers move 3", 6" or all out run 9" a turn. Aircraft can cover the table, ground and water vehicles average about 12 inches in a move.

  3. Fab report. It all looks gorgeous mate!

  4. I think i'm in love...... i now want to convert up all the old figures I once owned....

  5. Those Hydrofoils are superb... I still have the original, it used to be my favourite toy for years.

    1. Thanks! I had the original as a kid and loved it. These are 3D prints in PLA material.

  6. I had a Moray. Cobraaaaaaaaaaa!


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