Ever take a snake to the chest?

Having created a 28mm Serpentor through some converting, I needed to create some in game effects for 1980s Pulp gaming.

Serpentor, the biologically engineered super soldier of Cobra was able to straighten and throw venomous snakes that lived on his shoulders. No, REALLY, in the movie he threw them like javelins.

Fighting with Duke

Here's the wind up!

BOOM! Snake to the Chest!

So here is my Serpentor conversion confronted by Duke and Scarlett.

I have rules for the Snakes to be thrown and then attack in Dire Duels.  The snakes counter is made from an old GW Swarms set.

A weird attack, but an interesting one!

More to come,


  1. You should include a Saving Throw vs. "Snake to the Chest", and, if you fail it...YOU GO INTO A COMA!


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