28mm Polar Battle Bear for Pulp 80s

I've added a few more pieces to my Pulp 80s project and more directly to the winter front.

Another 3D print of a Joe toy, the Polar Battle Bear was one of the early vehicles I had as a kid.  I mean, Snowjob had to ride around in something!

Here an unamed Joe gets grilled by General Hawk.

Hawk and the Polar Battle Bear pilot are both conversions made from the Artizan FFS in parkas from their WW2 range.

When you saw the average Joe in the cartoon in the Arctic or other cold weather environment, they were often shown in their regular outfit with just a parka over top.

The Artizan FFS have a lot of that look so I did some minor conversions to them. Hawk is really just a head swop and the pilot had his legs removed and sculpted in green stuff.

Here you can see the before paint after I chopped the kneeling figures legs.

I also did a conversion to a Lucid Eye miniature for a cartoon version of the Oktober Guard femme fatale, Daina.

She appeared in an Alaskan adventure episode.

"What a big tent you have General Hawk"

More to come,


  1. Lovely conversion work and painting. The both look great. The alt version of Daina looks ace as well.

    1. Thanks man, I think the only thing I would add is maybe Frostbite and a few more Parka Joes.


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