Triple Threat, Showdown on the border of Trucial-Abysmia and Benzheen

We had a 3 way game in the Pulp 80s pitting Soviets vs the USA vs Terrorist.

The game takes place between the 2 fictional middle eastern nations of Trucial-Abysmia and Benzheen, where a soviet hind has crashed carrying a deadly neurotoxin.

2 Soviet pilots have gotten the toxin from the crash and have sent out a distress signal that is picked up by both the Terrorists and the US.

The overall table, 3 roads lead in to the crash site. Each force enters in from one of the edges.

The crash

Another view

And another.

Game Length: 8 turns
Deployment:  each force enters within 6 inches of their respective road
Event Cards:  Each player randomly draws 1 Event card to play.  The Event Cards are:

Infiltration-The player may replace an opposing players minion with one of his own and activate immediately.

Off Table Support- The player may call in one tube of 105mm off table artillery support.

Advanced Recon- The player may choose 2 minions or Companions and place them in one building hidden that cannot be targeted until they are spotted.

The Objective: The neurotoxin is beside the 2 Russian pilots but cannot be moved by them as they are wounded. The model who carries the canister may only move, may not shoot or attack in melee.  In addition, if the model is wounded while carrying the cannister, it will begin to leak at the start of each activation.  On the roll of a 10 on a d10 a wound is issued to the carrier or to another member in the group.

The player in control of the cannister at the end of 8 turns wins.


Soviet forces
The Oktober Guard
8 man VDV team
8 man Benzheen Commando team

US Forces

8 Counter terrorists
2 X 5 man Steel Brigade teams
1 X 5 man Green shirt team
Armadillo tank

Terrorist forces

MARS Weapons Contractor
MARS Anti Armor Specialist
Femme Fatale Sniper
SAW Gunner
2 X 5 man Kill teams
1 X 5 Drone team
2 X Light Tanks
1 X Stinger

The Russian Pilots activate and move for the cover of a nearby hovel only to discover it occupied by 2 BATs using the Advances Rexon Event card! A fire fight ensues and the pistol armed pilots hold their own.

The Baronness advances with a Viper Kill team to flank the American forces.

The Soviet BTR-60b enters the table and deploys Horror Show and Schrage leading the VDV team.

Roadblock and Tunnel Rats's team follows suit deploying from the APC in the narrow alleys.

The Stinger deploys the ASP at the Main Street and scoots behind a building for cover.

The Joes Armadillo enters the table, sights the BTR-60 and unloads hitting its side with 2 of its 4 barrels destroying it!

Ammo cooks off and the crew are killed in the blast.

Th HISS tank advances and turns out the Officer in the turret is a Soviet infiltrator! He opens fire on the back of the ASP destroying it!  Destro dispatches the traitor with his pistol but the damage is done.

The brewed up ASP.

The T34/85 enters the table and attempts to nudge the burning BTR wreckage off the road but fails and is stuck.  The BTR-Oktober advances on the Americans other flank and decimates Roadblock and Tunnel Rats team with its twin Dshk.

Stalker's team advances behind the APC.

Spirit's team advances behind the VAMP to counter the Baronness's kill team.

A view from the American side as the battle progresses.

A view of the Soviet side

The VAMP moves into a firing position.

And is quickly brewed up by Scrap Irons rockets at the end of the street.

Scrap Iron and the SAW Viper dominated this street from this position.

The Armadillo makes short work of the BTR-Oktober but Stormavik kills the pilot with small arms fire.

Daina's team advances

The Joe teams advance down the center of town using the larger hovel as a firing position.

The Stinger destroys the Joe APC with 2 rockets at point blank range, but the soft skin is destroyed by Blowtorch's teams AR fire.

The T34/85 finally nudges the BTR out of the way.

The Russian pilots are finally killed by the 2 BATs but wound one of them. Horror Show and Schrage's team take up a position in the building next door to push for the cannister.

A view from the Soviet deployment zone.

Destro orders another Viper into the turret of the HISS tank that the dead traitor was in and advances.

A view from the Cobra deployment zone

The Vipers and Barroness fire on Blowtorch's team killing them and wounding him.

The Joes consolidate in town center.

Blowtorch, almost dead, exits the cover of his hovel to get in range and hoses down the Viper team with lethal fire, killing them all. The Barroness finishes him off.

Blowtorch's last stand.

A HISS tank pulls up beside the burning ASP and begins shooting the hull down T34/85.

Horror Show is the only survivor of the BATs firefight and is unable to wound them.

A round from the HISS tank across the street finally hits home, destroying the T34/85.

Stormavik continues to kill each person who attempts to repilot the Armadillo until Stalker successfully takes command of it and moves it to cover.

Burning debris everywhere...

Stormavik begins pulling back to protect the Soviet flank.

Brekhov's team is decimated by the BATs fire but he destroys them finally in melee.

Daina grabs the cannister but Spirit and Lifeline charge her in melee and over come her.

Destro arrives with fresh BATs and takes the cannister. Lady Jaye attempts to call in the 105mm off table support but misses.

The Baronness guns down Lady Jaye with sniper fire.

A HISS tank reinforces Destro's team and we call it a game at the end of the 7th turn, only a few Soviets and Joes left on the table.

For what it was worth, I tried offering a home in the West for Daina if she wanted to defect, but she said nyet!

Great game, great friends, and ran about 3.5 hrs for the size game we had.

More to come,


  1. Awesome report and great looking game dude. I wants me some super t for the Oktober guard when they arrive.

    1. Thanks! It was a pretty close game up to the end. I can't think of too much else I would have done different as the Joe player. I tried to hold back a little and let Cobra and the Soviets bang heads to whittle them down, but the BATs were a real hassle to deal with on the battlefield.


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