28mm Snow Cat and 1980s Pulp Conversions

Being 1980s Pulp, part of what makes the genre exciting is exotic locations. If you are going to have a winter or Arctic showdown, you need some suitably outfitted characters and equipment.

First, the Joes.

I of course needed Snow Job, he was a pretty cool action figure that came with skis.

Looking about I found my starting point at Artizan Miniatures with their WW2 Devils Brigade Command team.  These guys are in parkas that look a lot like what the Joes wore in the Cartoon series and some are close to character already. The skis and extras set are from Brigade Games.

I decided I could also make Iceberg from this 4 man pack.

Step by step I added green stuff to convert the figures.

Goggles and strap for Snow Job

A machine pistol, straps, and backpack added to Iceberg.

Skis added to a backpack made from a plastic sprue piece.

The duo primed.

And painted waiting for base work.

Next up was transportation, so a 3D model of a Snow Cat was printed.

The toy is really cool, my cousin had it growing up, and sometime I will need to make a Frostbite conversion to pilot.

Now on to some action shots!

Snow Job and Iceberg arrive in Greenland to investigate reported Cobra activity.

A back view of the figures.

They meet Quick Kick, another conversion, who is also equipped for winter combat or at least a commercial.

The Baronness arrives in winter attire flanked by SNAKEs.

But the Joes have a Snow Cat to back them up.

Lots of rockets!

They spot her over the ridge.

Ski rockets away!!

More to come,


  1. Fantastic conversions and paint work. This is so my childhood Joe team up especially with that vehicle.

    Look forward to seeing Frostbite!

    1. Thanks! I'm still looking at suitable models for Frost Bite. The figure for Iceberg could be repurposed for him I think or maybe a conversion from the Artisan Devils Brigade rifle packs.

    2. Hey, the only Joe vehicle I ever had! Even as a child I thought its weapon loadout was a bit silly, but I still loved it.

    3. Yeah, all missiles and no machine guns seems odd, ski missiles aside.


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