28mm Bridgelayer and Sniper for 1980s Pulp

I did some conversion work to create a couple of GI Joe members for 28mm gaming. This time the sniper Lowlight and Tollbooth, the operator of the armored Bridgelayer.

Tollbooth with the Bridgelayer. The Bridgelayer is based on an actual US vehicle but with the addition of 105mm cannons.

A side view. Tollbooth was made from a MaxiMini Jungle Trooper, but with a Crooked Dice minion head and a scratch built sledgehammer.

I made the 3D printed Bridgelayer with magnets to hold the bridge in place and make it able to be deployed.

Lowlight scans the banks to cover the bridges deployment.

Lowlight is a Crooked Dice conversion with an added backpack and some green stuff webbing and visor.

Another view.

More to come,


  1. Awesome conversions of the characters. Toll Booth is a great idea and the head looks good on the body.

    The tank is awesome and love the magnetic bridge.

  2. Thanks! I still want to do a half torso of Tollbooth for piloting the Toss and Cross, just haven't found a suitable model yet.


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