28mm Big Boa Conversion

I've added a lesser known character to the ranks of my Pulp 80s Terrorist organization, Big Boa, the Cobra trainer.

I used a Reaper minis blank for the base.

The hands and head I sculpted separate and then attached by pinning.

The spike were the hardest part, very fiddly. They were rolled out and then cut with an exacto to be glued on the figure.

Finished back view.

The match of the century.

The figure now painted.

Back view

Him beside some Vipers, he's a good 6'3 compared to them which is fine.  If I was to build a Nemesis Enforcer I think the same blank would be a good starting point.

More to come,


  1. Ace job dude boh conversion and painting. I have searched long and hard to find a suitable base model to convertical and have not found any suitable.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, the Reaper Blanks were a good starting point for me. Trying my hand at their non heroic blanks next for maybe circus Mindbender and the Battle of Springfield Serpentor.


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