The Best Defense, The Battle of Springfield

I had a chance to game some Pulp 80s with friends and we decided to do a game based off of GI Joes discovery and invasion of the secret Cobra town in the US, Springfield.

The overall table provided by Mongo of Mongo's Wafflehouse.

Another view


Spirit's team advances.

Rock and Roll moves his fire team to high ground.

Stalker and the VAMP barrel down the sidewalk.

Gung Ho and the MOBAT enter onto the table.

A HISS tank sights the MOBAT and blows out its tracks.

Cobra police fire onto the Joes

Stalker scrambles for cover

Roadblock and Zap move up.

The VAMP sprays Destro's team with its twin 50 cals.

A DARE! location reveals a Cobra Scout who shoots two Joes, Spirit quickly subdues him.

More to come!


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