28mm ARBCO Star freighter

I bought the freighter ship from Table Top Combat:


A great piece of kit and perfect for representing the fated ARBCO Star from the GI Joe comics of the 80s.

The kit assembled

I wanted the waterline on the model to be higher so I added a 2 inch layer of foam for a hill base.

Traced and cut out

Sanded and shaped

Coated with caulk


Base coats


More to come!


  1. That is an awesome ship! It looks perfect for all kinds of scenarios. Adding the lower hull to give it more height was a great idea, it really improves the overall look.

  2. "The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they call "Gitchi-Gumi."

  3. Fantastic. I really like the additional height you added.

  4. Ohhhh I love it. I just stumbled on the kit at our Con this last weekend! I really like that you mounted it up a little higher - and of course the name :>

    Downside is I ended up with the one that did not have the extension or the cargo pods. I have a bunch of AT-43 Crates so that is ok. But I have to run them long ways down the center as they are wider and a smidge too long.

    So I am pondering a 2" extension on each side of the deck to give length for the containers, but also to give walking space around. If I mount it up on foam like you did, in theory that will be enough to bind it together.

    1. It might be easier just to buy the extension. The nice thing about TTCombat stuff is that you can get it off of Amazon.


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