More 15mm Clone Wars

Just a couple more pictures of some of my 15mm Clone Wars stuff.

More to come,


  1. Please for the love of bacta where did you get the vehicles and jedi?

  2. Hey Frank! The Battle Droids were from Critical Mass Games, I think they are in new hands now, but it was from their Draconis line I think.

    The Super Battle Droids are from the Clone Wars Risk game. I bought a bag of the tokens on Ebay. I still have some left I think if you attend any of the HMGS Cons.

    The AAT tanks are the diecast toys released a ways back, you can find them on Amazon or Ebay.

    The Republic Gunship is a Clone Wars Transformer toy.

    The other misc minis are 15s from various Companies that I have added a lightsaber to or just painted up like something from SW.

    Hope that helps!


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