Durge Arrives! The Hunt for Wat Tambor on Yavin 4.

My good friend Rob came over and played a quick game of the generic Scifi rules I'm working on.  The game we played was set in the Early Clone Wars period with Wat Tambor inspecting a CIS relay station on Yavin 4.  General Kenobi has been sent to capture Wat, but unknown to him Durge and a team of galactic scum have been sent to capture him!  Chaos ensues!

The table, 4' x 4'

Another view of the Relay Station

Wat and his Droid entourage

Some of the galaxy's lowliest dregs advance for their paycheck!

Durge pushes past the Super Battle Droids to find Kenobi!

The Republic forces advance on Tambor behind the cover of power fences.

Kenobi leads a team on the other flank hoping to close fast.

Taking cover behind crates, Kenobi's team opens fire on Tambor's Battle Droids.

Durge rushes to meet the challenge!

More scum move to support Durge

A squad of clones take up positions on a ridge and fire down into the dregs!

More Clones move up to support.

More manuevering!

Kenobi uses a Psionic Hand card and throws some crates at the Battle Droids, but to no avail!

Durge meets Kenobi in a Duel, Kenobi singles him out in a challenge.  Kenobi strikes first destroying his Tox Dagger and Durge strikes against Kenobi's armor lowering it's effectiveness!  Both separate by passing Will tests.  Durge moves away while Kenobi seeks cover from the remaining dregs.

The Dregs fire down below on Kenobi wounding him, but Kenobi recovers with a Fate card!

Wat makes a run for it, but his droids are gunned down.

The Clones take heavy fire from the Super Battle Droids and the dregs, backing them off the ridge.

Kenobi attempts another Charge to the dregs above surviving the snapfire!

The clones pour on the supporting fire.

Kenobi decimates the dregs, but takes more fire from the dregs below!

Durge gets pinned by massive Clone crossfire!

But Kenobi is struck down under a hail of Dreg fire, too much for even him to block!

More to come,


  1. As I am currently watching series 3 of the Clone Wars, this is very cool to see

  2. Awesome report, looks like it was a blast to play!


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