Gamma World, The Second One!

Another night in Gamma Terra!

Good friends came over for another episode of 4th Ed Gamma World and brought their kids to play too!

Game play went great even with 6 players in the campaign. The only rule I ended up forgetting was Opportunity attacks, but it all worked out good anyway.

The story continues with the Kyle the Cryokinetic Plant and Mercury (no relation) the Artificial Intelligence Regenerator becoming members of the Menarl tribe of Iron Yard after defeating the Arn that they feared an worshipped. The two were greeted by other released captives of the Menarls who joined their party: Kevin the Alien Hawkoid, Oculus the Kitty the Arachnoid Felinoid, Fuego the Pyrokinetic Cockroach, and Ultron the Ectoplasmic Gravity Controller.

The party quickly gathered their things and now with Rolley the Robot and also a glowing Tech IV cube left to head back north to the town called the Big E.

Retracing their steps they found their truck stripped down to the frame with only Badder tracks around it. Trying to discover the secrets of the cube, Kyle handed it to Rolley the Robot only to have him lock it up inside his chassis.

Continuing northward they heard the baying of dogs in the distant wastes and try to seek shelter in some old ruins. Ultron takes first watch and ends up waking the party to the threat of a pack of four Podogs!

The Podogs attack with ferocity using sonic bark attacks and bites. Ultron uses the omega tech photon grenades to great effect and Mercury chokes out several Podogs including one that Kevin shot through a car window AND that was burned by Fuegos attack. Oculus back flipped out of the ruined house into a tree and shot poison webs at a Podog only to learn they are immune to poison! After the Podogs were subdued a clock radio, wireless keyboard and web cam were found along with a mute gren that was hiding in the debris who joined the party after the gentle coaxing of Kyle.

Left to right Podog fighting Fuego (Rob), Kevin (Evan) fighting a Podog from the inside of a car, Kyle (Mark) attacking the same Podog, Ultron (Jess), Mercury (ROshon) and Oculus (Ryan) and Rolley the Robot.  In the foreground two other Podogs.

Podogs taking damage!

The party then proceeded up the Root of 3 Twos toward the Big E.

On the root of 3 Twos the party was caught by surprise by a truck load of Badders again with red claws painted on their shields and vehicle.

Ultron was the first to attack using ER energy bow on the dismounted Badders as the rest of the party quickly joined the fray. Mercury returned to his time rested choke attack as Oculus shot poison webs from the top of a truck. Kyle did seed attacks followed by icy branches while Kevin fired away with his shotgun. The lead badder in the truck opened up with a 50 cal on Occulus until subdued by the strangling hand of Mercury. After the dust settled Kevin interrogated the Badder and learned that they were looking for the robot, were from Onderland, and that the keys to the truck were still in the running truck!

Badders dismount! Except the leader who mans the 50 cal.

Badders being CHOKED by Mercury and shot by the party.

Kyle works over 3 Badders at a time!

The party, now with fresh wheels arrives at the Big E and heads to the tavern for information. There they meet Bugs, a drunken Hoops trucker who gives them advice based on his own bad choices in life and a Dabber groundskeeper who is more helpful and directs them to a tavern for the night.

Ultron, not needing sleep, elects to wait in the truck overnight and Mercury sees something outside in the night. A bright flash in the street and a gold metallic figure appears. It's arm unfolds out into a tube and fires a screaming sonic grenade into Mercury and awakens the entire town. Panic ensues as the party stumbles out into the street to confront the attacker as Rolley the robot goes crazy in the back of the truck. Mercury attempts the choke attack, BUT IT FAILS and he is saved by his Omegatech armor. The party does little to slow down the mechanical monster until Oculus blinds it with webbing and it teleports away. 

The Intruder (center) unable to see, Teleports away!

What was it? Where did it come from? This and more in the next Gamma World installment.

Thanks to all the players for a great night,


  1. Wow, great stuff! Blast from my past also!

  2. Very cool, sounds fun and love the use of the gaming matt and the 3d elements, works very well


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