Back to the Future with BATTLETECH!!

Comstar Rob dropped by to try his hand at testing out, meaning relearning the latest edition of Battletech:

The introductory box set I got, nice, solid and packed with 24 good looking plastic mechs!

We do a mono y mono with the quick start rules for our first game.

The quick start rules get you into the general rules with shooting, movement and basic damage rules.  No heat or crits yet!

I field a Hunchback while Rob throws down with an Enforcer.  After some maneuvering and firing, I knee cap Rob with an Autocannon shot that blows off his leg.  A few more shots and Rob sues for peace.

With that one under our belts we move on to the Big Boy Rules and trade out the mechs.

Rob now takes the Hunchback and I field a Dervish

I move to Depth 1 water and posture to unload with LRMs and Med Lasers.  Heat builds up, but my sinks and the water handle it.  Rob trudges forward to close on short range, but takes a lot of damage.

Both in puddles we unload at Short range.  Firing first I was sure I had him until the Hunchback gave me a overdose of Autocannon right to the head-KABOOM-goodnight folks!

Fun stuff, the rules and record keeping wasn't a problem at all.  The intro game ran about a half hour and the Big Boy Rules ran about an hour with us figuring everything out.

Definitely want to run this more, got to figure out what House I want to field and the paint schemes for the Lances.

More to Come,


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