I AM SPARTACUS!! VICTUS outside of the sands

I've been happily painting some of Black Cat miniatures 54mm Romans for use in some Victus games outside of the arena.  The idea is to do some smaller skirmishes where players will work as teams on each side, each controlling one Roman or one ex Gladiator for some 3rd Servile War goodness.

 The tents I picked up at Michaels, will be using these to make some camps.  Might do some dry brushing to them yet.

 I have this Roman without shield, since the nature of a lot of the 3rd Servile War was raids, I wanted some of the Romans to be in a state of somewhat unpreparedness. The cut in his tunic was actually a casting error that worked to this advantage :)

 Pilum vs runaway!

 Another great character model on the left from the old Alpha Miniatures line, an old injured Lanista.

The Centurion is my favorite, AWESOME model, so well sculpted IMOHO.  The Bull in the background is from Irregular Miniatures, the best of their animals I think.

More to come!


  1. Great looking figures and scenery!

  2. Nice work, Doc. Looking forward to more of the same.

  3. Thanks! More figs to come and the 54mm hex board too!

  4. Awesome work on the figures Doc! I bought a few of the same tents from Michaels' too.


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