Escape From the Temple of Ur!! Where Heroes Dare! Hollow Earth AAR

My good friend Rob joined me for some food and games, namely a Pulp Dungeon Crawl scenario for the soon to be released Where Heroes Dare! supplement, What Lurks Below?!  A Hollow Earth Expedition.

In this scenario our intrepid adventurers have been captured by the Lost Children of Ur and must escape the fungus lit halls of Sargon's Ziggurat.

 Professor Valiant's team, brought before the Throne of Sargon IV!

 Fleeing the Throne Room, The Valiants run right into a room containing a chained Dimetrodon!

 MUNCH!! A porter is lost to the beast!

 Half the team moves past the beast then both open fire!

A trap is triggered in the next room as a giant boulder drops onto the party!  Angus is wounded, but perseveres on!
 Fire is concentrated on the dinosaur!

 The Professor shoots wildly, but Angus makes his mark.

 Sallying forward Angus finds the spring leading out of the temple!

 -But is stopped fast by more sons of Ur, SO CLOSE!

 The Professor discovers a Sumerian slavegirl who shows them a secret path!

 While the Sumerians gather strength and attack with another dimetrodon!

Another porter is lost but the team fights them off and manages to escape!

More to come,


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