Spanish Civil War Moroccans

The Spanish Civil War is a project I'm always adding to and this time it's more Nationalists. I've finished more of the Moroccan forces Franco brought over to the mainland from Africa. The Moroccans are fierce Berber tribesmen that were incorporated into the Spanish army. Throughout the Spanish Civil War they acted as shock troops for the Nationalists.

The plan is to finish what I got, still another 30 to go, and use them for some Brunete games.

More to come,


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    1. Thanks Tim! They were a lot of fun to paint, very detailed. The miniatures are from Empress (formerly Anglian) and Force of Arms, they mix well.

      Buildings are from brigade games.

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    1. Thanks, my favorite period for historical gaming.

  3. Truely nice figures. I like the SCW as well, partly for the craziness of the sides and the allegiences.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks John, part of my love of the period is the variety of uniforms!


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