28mm Geothermal Generators for Scifi games

My daughter helped with most of the labor on this project, she likes hammering in the pins to hold the trim. We made it on a workshop night which is something I haven't had with the gang in a longtime. Rlee worked on his 28mm GIJOE project, Al on his watchtower, me cleaning up the Taliban fighters that Ben gave me to paint and my daughter hammered out these generators.

Plan is to use them for some Star Wars themed games. I primed black and dry brushed to get a worn look. Thinking geothermal generators, pulling up magma to process into power.

More to come!


  1. The geothermic Generator can connect to Waterproof Pipes, and can receive lava carried by them. it will additionally settle for lava directly from an adjacent BuildCraft Pump. It doesn't need to be pumped into the top; it is pumped up in from any side.

    Bruce Hammerson

    Hydraulic Hammers


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