Alle Gegen Alle: No More Room In Hell 1944

In the maelstrom of the Eastern Front, 1944 the Dead walk again! Play one of 4 desperate, German survivors trying to escape the Russian Juggernaut's Operation Bagration as you flee Westward seeking sanctuary, but all you find is the Vengeance of your own Dead! Iron Ivan Games proudly announces the first Survival Horror adventure for No More Room In Hell,
Alle Gegen Alle.

In Alle Gegen Alle you the Survivor must navigate through the Red Storm and the Undead!

Alle Gegen Alle is a full color 14 page scenario with new rules for Spotting, Angels of Vengeance, Holy Relics, Cursed Items and Hidden Horrors as well as a full background story and illustrations to the Scenario.

Can you Survive the Ost Front when Alle Gegen Alle?!

Now available for download from our online store for $5 USD.

More to come...


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