28mm USMC M60A1 MBT circa 1980, Phase I

So after a long period of years of steady searches on Ebay, I finally scored a Corgi diecast 1/50 scale M60A1 for under $20. Let the conversion work begin!

Here is the tank right out of the box with a Mongrel Mini standing in for scale. The details are nice enough for wargaming but the plunger barrel has got to go. The current barrel is made to fire a plastic rocket with springs. First step, I mercilessly tear off the black plunger piece so now it is just the smaller barrel.

Step 2: I go to my stash of Evergreen plastic modeling tubing and find a diameter that slides over the old barrel. I cut it to the correct size, put a little glue inside and slide it over the barrel.

Step 3: I take the next smaller size of tubing and cut a small piece to fit in the end for detailing. The Evergreen tubing is sold in gradual sizes so each fits snuggly inside the next size.

Step 4: I cut pieces wide enough in diameter to slide over the new barrel to make the muzzle break and details. Voila! New barrel has been made and is sturdy for use to boot. Next up will be the NATO paint scheme.

More to come,


  1. Nice conversion on the turret will you be painting it differently?

  2. Thanks, yep it will be getting the NATO woodland pattern paint.



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