NO MORE ROOM IN HELL, or how I spent an evening at Mongo's vanquishing the Undead.

The layout in all it's glory. A 15mm land of Hell.

The Cast of Characters.

A Damned Town.

Another view.

Urban decay.

One band out in the wasteland...

Town Hall.

The first Zeds to be shot.

More Zeds on the prowl.

Team Mike makes their move and finds angry survivors holed up on the first floor.

No rest for the Wicked.

Slow crawl through Oblivion.

The Zombie Jamboree begins.

A lonely forklift...

Happy Toyz, bait for the feeble.

Zeds in the Horde.

A desperate run up the building.

Could the Fire Dept. be responsible for the Zombie Holocaust?

More Zeds on the streets.

The ending swarms...

Mongo put on a great little test run of the Zombie Survivor rules he is working on for Iron Ivan Games titled, No More Room in Hell which allows players to field a single model or a group of models in a series of scenarios pitting them against rival survivors and zombies alike. Parties must find needed supplies in order to keep going, because the dead will walk the Earth when there is NO MORE ROOM IN HELL!

More to come...


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