Battle of Saipan, July 1944 with Iron Ivan Games

I got a chance to help test out the Battle of Saipan game that Iron Ivan Games is putting on for Historicon. Chal the Merciless helped Keith "Banzai" Stine run the Japanese against the stalwart USMC commanded by Mike and I. This night was just to test the mechanics of the game, the table and figures are still in the rough so don't judge just yet ;)

"So..uh, where's the cover for us Chal?"

The scenario uses flare mechanics to control the light.

Japanese Iron Beasts ready to drive straight through the Marines.

My mortar team that scored an amazing 5 "10s" on a 6d10 roll. Great...

A wider view.

BAR Gunners, rifles and Bazookas tow the line.

The Japanese come boiling out of the dark!

The Japanese armor begin to take hits from Mike's side.

They cover a lot of ground fast!

When all else fails it's time to close assault!

A rear machine gun on the turret frantically fires at the Marines who fail to immobilize the tank.

Wave after wave of Japanese.

Lines begin to close.

Everybody on that tank!

One Japanese tank makes it off.

This little guy didn't get far.

Everything worked out good with the Marines feeling the pressure from the respawning Japanese. Time to hammer out a final table and get all the painting done. Look for the game at Historicon 2010 hosted by Chal Conley.



  1. Looks good. I don't think I have ever seen that many 28mm Japanese tanks on one table. I hope you get some pics of the big game at historicon.

  2. I thought I was doing good with one Japanese HaGo tank. I might have to pick up a few more to field at least a platoon.

  3. What a fun looking game I'm just in the process of ordering my first 28mm WWII figures and am really looking forward to it, great blog

  4. Which company makes the 28mm USMC and Japanese?

    They look great!




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