Where Meteors Strike!

A strange green glowing meteorite smashes into Northern China. Some say it a fallen star, while others say it is a prophesy fulfilled of a Jade gift from the Heavens that will grant power to those who claim it. In this Weds installment of our Club's Where Heroes Dare! game, 2 sides fight it out to claim as much of the sacred rocks fragments from the other. 4 teams at 500 pts. a player duked it out, Where Heroes Dare!

The Table complete with bogs, logs, and rocks.

A splinter of the Sacred Rock is found and a roll is made on the scenario's Meteor table. The result? The fragment magnetizes and locks all firearms from firing in a 16 inch radius. "Let's get this piece back towards the table's edge!"

The Japanese Deploy their Divine Robot.

Another view of the table.

Roxy of the Sky Pirates checks another piece, rolls on the Meteor table and is transformed into a Shambling Horror! Oh the Humanity!

The Chinese Communists advance in their armor.

The Japanese work their way around a flank.

The allies of the Japanese, Team Kevin, advance.

The Divine Imperial Robot. BANZAI!

What was Roxy regroups and moves forward.

Another piece is found by Team Kevin and another Shambling Horror is made.

The Red Chinese steer to attack the Divine Imperial Robot.

The Divine Imperial Robot Advances and destroys the Red Chinese Tank and is then Dire Dueled by Roxy and her Sky Pirates, luckily the Robot's controller survives and the saw of the Divine Slayer finish off the Sky Pirates. All is for not though as the Chinese/Pirate alliance has gained more pieces of the meteorite. More next time....



  1. Good report Doc !
    Might pinch an idea or two for my next game ;-)

  2. Thanks Andy, pinch away! I used 7 Dare! locations on the table and any Goal rolls were automatically a Meteor shard and the player would have to roll on the following d5 table:

    1-Imbued with Power-The Character's Dare! Score is Doubled while in Possession of the shard.

    2-Time Warp- The Character gains an extra activation after all activations have been made.

    3-Cosmic Transformation- The Character mutates into a Shambling Horror. All Gadgets, Gear, and Schticks are lost and the player must use the Shambling Horror stats on page 69.

    4-Increased Mass- The weight of the shard is all but unbearable. Characters, vehicles, etc carrying the shard subtract 3" from their Fast Footing.

    5-Magnetized!- The shard magnetizes all metal within 16" rendering guns inert and machinery locked.

    Have fun!



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