7 Player Where Heroes Dare! Game

Or Fang's Flight From Justice. Last Weds we each through together a 1,000 point team for Where Heroes Dare! in the Club and I whipped a quick scenario. Story was simple, goods needed to be discovered from one of 9 Dare! locations and taken to one of the Sea Planes to win 5 Victory points. All the Dare! Locations would be a random roll on the table with the first to roll on the goal table being the much needed goods. Another twist was alliances, what began as 4 Evil vs 3 Good changed on round 3 from a roll of 6 on a d6 which signaled that Fang's forces decided to change sides adding to the chaos.

Players started on the opposite side of the planes.

The Cult of Al moves out in trucks graciously supplied by Henry Ford.

The forces of Interpol move out to find the goods.

The Cult of Al disembarks and takes position by the plane.

A good place for an HMG, but maybe not for the Natives of Roshon Island...

As the Phantom Gentleman advances the Communist Chinese begin flanking.

Kong Fang moves with his Foo Dog and Dacoit bodyguards.

鐵山, The Iron Mountain, advances, willed forward by his master...

A very deadly Poison Gas grenade attack against Roxy's Sky Pirates in their truck.

Interpol's rides that were strafed by the Sky Pirates' plane.

The Communist Chinese find the goods in the woods.

Interpol seizes and departs in one of the planes, WITHOUT THE GOODS!

Allegiances change and the Cult of Al tries to franticly stop Fangs Iron Mountain!

A duel erupts between remaining Interpol and the Phantom Gentleman leaving only the strongest.

Meanwhile Kong Fang meets his demise in a Dire Duel with the Roshon Chieftain leaving the Dacoits unbound and easily defeated.

Fun game with a lot of action. The Iron Mountain tried to use it's Mind Destroying Rays only to have them blow up, but it still managed to tent peg a few cultists. Dire Duels were brutal and Howling Heaters were heavy leaving us out of time to finish before our local game store, Six Feet Under Games, had to close. Next time, next time...



  1. Hi Doc,

    Really like the report and your Blog !

    As you are a veteran WHD! player i would like to ask you a question :

    The rules state that in Dire Duels you roll dice equall to your current Moxie score and that wounds inflicted are then deducted from your Moxie score. Isn't that supposed to be your Dare score you base the dice rolls on and deduct your wounds from ?

    Please Doc, perscribe some clarification on this ...

    Anyway, again congrats on a great blog !


  2. Hey Andy,

    Your perception is correct, in Dire Duels you roll dice equal to your current Dare! score and wounds inflicted are also deducted from your Dare! score. Sorry about the typos, I'm going to work on an Errata sheet and post it hopefully this weekend.



  3. Thank you for clearing that up Doc !

    apologies for a typo ? Make an Errata ? Are you one of the writers of WHD! ?


  4. Hey Doc,

    Should you find the time to make that Errata will that be posted here or do you have another site of Blog ?

    And euhm .... don't keep me guessing for too long, I'm very curious now about you writing the rules or not ;-)


  5. Doc;
    Where did you get the planes from?



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