Super Father's Day Presents...

Okay, remember the scene in Superman 2 where the villains are on the moon after they have escaped imprisonment from the Phantom Zone, well this is nothing like that.

Last year my daughter went with me to Cold Wars and took the children's painting class which she enjoyed immensely and then we strolled down to the dealers area and I asked her if she would like some miniatures of her own to paint. She replied yes and informed me that she would like to paint some Super Heroes so we went to the Old Glory stand and found a pack of 15mms that she liked. We attempted to pay, but were given the figures for free which I thought was a great gesture on their part. So my six year old paints these figures all on her own and I dip them for her and help her with the basing. We finish and I ask her where she would like to keep them and she tells me that she painted them for me and that they are my Father's day present and I have to say that it is the best Father's day present I have ever received :) I am truly blessed and so is she by the looks at her first attempts at painting.

All the figures are Superfigs which are excellent figures and the Lunar Lander is from a toy kit that was purchased on our last trip to the National Air and Space Museum in DC.



  1. That's the greatest story. She did a great job brother, you have a lot to be proud of!


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