Museum of Madness, AAR

Hogan lays down a Haymaker on Susan Storm, throwing her onto a case and taking her out of action.
Susan Storm advances through the Museum's statuary.
Fu Manchu and Pah Li advance on the Knight's Templar.
East meets West! Templars clash against the Si-Fan overlords.
The Knight's Templar!
Hogan searches for Clues.

The US Rocket Corps advance.
What Evil lurks in the Heart of Men?
The Shadow Knows!
Si-Fan thugs routed!
The Museum of Madness
Another view.

Our Heroes travel to the Singapore Museum of Antiquities at the distressed call of Professor Enist only to find old enemies and new foes. The Templars came seeking the Professor for some reason and Knights charged the forces of Si-Fan killing 2 of them in deadly hand to hand. Fu Manchu, Pah Lee, and his deadly cobra attacked back destroying the Templars as they searched cases for their quarry. At the other entrance to the Hall of Antiquities, the Rocket Corp mowed down two more Si-Fan thugs, routing them. The Shadow and his old companion Hogan arrived and blazed away at the Rocket Corps igniting Captain Achilles pack and killing him and his team. Susan Storm charges Hogan only to be laid out by his Cast Iron Arm. The Templars found the Professor under one of the Museum cases and escaped with him under withering fire from one of the Shadow's BAR toting supporters.

To be Continued...


  1. This was a ton of fun to play brother. I think it's a high compliment for your game that this might be what finally makes me pull the trigger on ordering some pulp miniatures.


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