Arts and Entertainment...

I saw the Star Trek movie on Friday and although I'm not a huge Star Trek fan, I do not know the Ferengi laws of acquisition but do know they exist, I found the movie very enjoyable. In fact one of the best out of what they have made. Good stuff!

Music, currently enjoying:

No Thanks! Punk of the 70's. It's got a few lemons, but most is really good stuff. Also listening to Rachmaninoff's Piano Concierto's and Yo Yo Ma's Silk Road Journey's which are great background music for writing/painting.

Books: Finished this

Great book covering the Baron's life and an interesting look at Buddhism and Mongholia in the 20-30's. Still reading the bio on Durruti, the Anarchist leader of the Durruti Column in the Spanish Civil War. Good book with lots of detail on the culture and environment of Spain's turbulent years.

Any other good books, music, films out there?



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