Store is open, Doctor Merkury's Lab on Drivethrurpg

I've opened up a shop on drivethrurpg:

To sell some models I've been making as well as raise funds for future projects.  Circle of life!

I will still continue to post some pieces on Thingiverse, more pieces for conversions etc, but decided I would give a go at selling the .stls themselves.

Currently the project I've been working on is 15mm Cyberpunk terrain for Reality's Edge, but truthfully speaking I can see this also getting use for my 15mm Mech combat games as well.

The first and starter set.  This contains a street light, trash bin, CAT and a roof access piece as well as 3 building floors and signage.  The floors stack and the signs can be arranged a number of different ways to give you a lot of variety in just this set alone.

Adding to this, is the next set coming:

This set contains double sided signs that fit with all of the existing sets.  Also included is a Crowd Marker that can be printed to create some generic crowds in your Cyber city.

Set 2 will be released shortly.  It's a Hab set with a Cyberpunk inspired, multi level Brownstone with a new roof access piece.  Also in this set will be cargo crates and street vendors to build your tabletop world.  Look for this one in a few weeks.

If these do well, I have 2 further sets completed, a Street Stoop set and Municipal Building set. 

More to come,


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