28mm 1980s Soviet Armor

I finished some of the excellent 1/56 Cold War era Soviet armor from Sloppy Jalopy that I purchased through Sally 4th games.

The T62. I have it here with my 28mm Syrians from the Lebanese Civil war in the 80s.  I purposely kept it in the Warsaw green so that it can be used in multiple theaters.

Back view with another Syrian soldier.

The BTR-60, again with Syrian soldiers.

Another view.

And with Sniper.

More to come,


  1. Just my cup of tea. Excellent vehicles. Just wondering what rules you like best for his period?

  2. Thanks Clint, to be honest, I'm not even sure! In the past I used Iron Ivan Games, Seek Out, Close With, And Destroy but would like to try other sets.

  3. Excellent work on the tank. :)

    I am not a tread-head so can't really differentiate non-Joe tanks, but very nice work nonetheless! :)


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