The Allen Halden Memorial Gaming Day

Army Group York hosted a memorial gaming day in honor of our recently passed friend, Allen Halden.  Allen Halden was known colloquially within our groups as The Lead Archivist for being a fountainhead of knowledge in regards to all things gaming.

I ran 2 games from the unpublished What Lurks Below?! Supplement for Where Heroes Dare!, Hollow Earth and Pulp were always some of Al's favorites games.

Chal also ran a Battletech and a MOUSEGUARD style game using Al's Ravenfeast rules.

On to the pictures!:

Keith brought a commemorative picture of Allen for the club.

The games begin.

KINZO Slice deploys Roy Chapman and his team.

The table for What Lurks Below?!

Another view of KINZO Slice's team.

Tony's Colonel Manly's expedition.

Captain ROshon's team of Savages.

Another shot of Colonel Manly's team.

Roy uses Summon Beasts and gains a crocodile companion for his team.

The croc, Tick Tock.

ROshon advances looking for fauna.

First Dare! location solved by KINZO turns out to be a Pterodon attack!

Well placed fire brings the giant winged beast down, but at the cost of a porter!

Meanwhile, Chal's running the MOUSEGUARD game on the other table.

Shots of Chal's game

Tony solves a Dare! location and gains Hans, a friendly goose that attaches to the group. Does anyone have a 28mm goose for the game? Well Roshon returned from the AGY one from the basement, one that Allen had left to the club. Even from the great beyond the Lead Archivist AIDS our games!

Roshon discovers a carcass and unfortunately a hungry Quetzelcuataldon too!

But it is dispatched with deadly loosened blowgun fire!

Hans the Goose honks with terror trying to warn Colonel Manly's group, but an Edmontia attacks!!

KINZO Slice is attacked as well!

The Pith helmet is deployed and a .500 Nitro Express knocks back the raging Dino!

Now wounded thanks to Roy Chapman Andrews.

And finished off with more fire.

Meanwhile at Manly's end, a Dino flanks

As Manly's team advances on Dare! locations.

Bad time for Roshon as a random encounter turns out to be 2 T-Rexes.

They lose a porter but manage to hide in the brush.

Manly's team tries to bring down a Dino from the rear, with Hans honking in delight.

The T-Rexes continue to make life difficult.

ROSHON'S team splits and advances on more Dare! locations.

KINZO slays the Dino attacking Roshon and it falls on his lead!

Another carcass, another large winged Dino attack, another dead large winged Dino.

Colonel Manly kills the Dino with help from the mystical amulet that KINZO found.

KINZO's team slays another Dino by shooting from the brush.

The dead Dinos!

Manly's kill!

A walk to York Central market for lunch

And some really great Korean BBQ!

Back at it with the players taken captive by the subterranean Children of Ur. They have 8 turns to escape the sprawling temple.

Players begin in the throne room and quickly begin running to find a way out.

Meanwhile in the land of heat sinks, mechs slug it out with Chal directing.

More Battletech

Back in Ur, the temple begins to unfold as the players scramble for an exit.

A dead end is found, with a trap room, the door slamming shut behind them, but Colonel Manly picks the lock opening it.

Roshon's team finds the Eye of Marduk and pries it from the wall to aid them in finding the exit.

More passageways as the Sumerians begin hunting down the parties.

Colonel Manly gets swarmed by Guards.

After killing many, the party is killed.

KINZO is caught between a chained dimetrodon and the Sumerian guards!

Lots of fun getting see faces Idon't get to see too often and I think a great honor to our missing friend, Allen.

Thanks to all making it possible,


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