28mm Cobra Skycrane

Unfortunately blogging from my phone does not let me add text after each image, so I will write it all in the front end.

I wanted a heli transport for my 28mm Cobra forces and loved the skycranes they used in the comics so I decided to build one.

I could not find any 1/48 scale choppers to build from so I used a Disney Windlifter toy that is based of off the Sikorsky skycrane.

Using a dremel I removed pieces I didn't need and created openings for the chin turret and rear fin.  The troop compartment is based off a staples container with plasticard for details. I lined the tail of the chopper with metal bases and glued a rare earth magnet in the compartment so it could be attached and removed at will.

More to come,


  1. Looks good! I like the size and it feels like the skycrane. The added MGs in the front are a nice touch.


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