Blazer's Mill Gunfight at Army Group York

I had a chance to game at the awesome Army Group York club again and Iron Ivan Game's very own Chal ran a Westerns Gunfight game for us.

The Scenario was a historical one first, Blazer's Mill Gunfight, which the movie Young Guns was based on.  For the game it would be the 14 of us Regulators led by Billy the Kidd vs Buckshot Rogers with Chal playing old Buckshot.

Blazer's Mill, dead nuts in the middle of nowhere in particular

The other end of town.

Buckshot is confronted by The Regulators, who want to take him captive, each of us played a Regulator with Chal as Buckshot.

An appropriate amount of sh1t talking takes place with Buckshot refusing to go, as the Regulators have been killing their captives.

Buckshot moves to cover as he begins firing!

Rest of the Regulators move in!

Buckshot lays down more fire!

Lead flies and wounds begin piling up!  I rush to plug Buckshot at point blank range as Chavez y Chavez!  FUEGO!!

-BUT I miss and I am put down in the street-MADRE DIOS!!

Buckshot continues to murder his way through the Regulators like an Old Timey Frank Castle.

But under wounds and superior numbers he succumbs!
No rest for the Wicked! So we played another quick straight up gunfight game.

Lots of lead flying and vendettas being hashed out!

Looking forward to another Western game of Chals

More to come,


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