Alien Legion 15mm with Age of Saints Part 1

I am a huge fan of the Alien Legion comic series, one of the first comics I had a box for at the local store.  I always wanted to try gaming the genre which is part military scifi and part fantasy scifi.  I plan on using Age of Saints, but leaving out the Host users, making it more of Character driven military scifi.

 Some painted Khurasan Miniatures for the Legion with a converted Critical Mass Games mini for Captain Sarigar.

 Captain Sarigar will be a Leader Character while the rest will be Minions for now.

Weapons used in the Legion are HEL Guns, High Energy Lasers.  I will transfer these over to Exetis Blasters in Age of Saints with a Suppressor for the Heavy Gunner.

I plan to make 1 or 2 Characters in the Legion Companions, probably a Torie Montroc or Jugger Grimrod once I get them completed.

 Lots of variety in the minis, very cool.

 And of course we need those ever present enemies of the Galarchy, The Harkilons.

Here is an uparmored salvage ship made from a nanobug Happy Meal toy as it's base.

 The Harks are also from Khurasan and they look great.

 The Harks will definitely have a the CharacterMod Carapace given their natural body shell that protects even against beam weapons.  I plan to use Ferals in Age of Saints for the base template and build off from there.

 Harkilons will be one Leader Character with the rest as Minions.  The Leader will have the CharacterMod Changeling as they often enter into the Galarchy in disguise before massing a major assault.

HEL Guns will be the standard weapon of the Harks too, so Exetis Blasters as well.

More to come!



  1. I used the same Critical Mass mini for my Sarigar! ;) with a head swap from a Rebel mini Pangalactic legion trooper. Great work! ;)

  2. Nice painting. And the bottle caps for alien scenery, IMHO, are really cool.

  3. Thanks! It was my first time sculpting in 15mm.


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