What is Age of Saints by Iron Ivan Games

Age of Saints is a miniature skirmish game set in the Sci Fantasy genre.  Players can choose to play in the Age of Saints story line controlling powerful Host users known as Saints or as one of their many foes like the Hexxen Kult, Outringers, or Dregs.  Alternatively players may use the templates and archetypes in the game to adapt to their own favorite Sci Fantasy genre.

Players control forces of roughly 30 or less figures led by Heroes or Villains that represent the player themselves.  The Heroes or Villains in control can be created to wield fantastic weapons and incredible abilities while the Minion class Characters provide the backbone of their force.

Included in the game are templates to create a variety vehicles to be employed in your forces, everything from walkers to A-gravs with the ability to purchase modifications like twin skins and howlers.

At the root of the game is The Host, a psychic pool that Saints and Hexxen are able to tap into using the Host Deck of cards that contain the various powers available to them to use known as Talents.  Each turn players draw new cards for their Host user to activate in their turn.

Players familiar with Disposable Heroes will quickly become familiar with the you go, I go system of activating groups until both sides have used their forces.  Changes to the core DH rules come in the form of expanded rules for Dueling and special Epic Wound tables for the star Characters of the game.

Included in the rules are a sample scenario that can be used to create your own other adventures using Fate locations on the table to enrich the plot and storyline of your games.

Age of Saints is made to be used for 15mm or 28mm scale.  15mm is great for a vehicle heavy, or grand scale looking game, while 28mm can be more personal and dramatic.  Ranges work well for both scales.

Age of Saints, while designed for Sci Fantasy, can also be played as a more Hard Scifi game, simply disregard the Leader and Companion Characters, ditch the Host rules, and you have a quick playing future military game.

Give it a try!


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