Age Of Saints SciFantasy Game test

Rob and I had a chance to playtest some revises to the soon to be released Sci Fantasy rules I have been working on, Age of Saints.  The rules have their own story, but it is adaptable to any existing fantasy genre with multiple templates and abilities for Characters.

We used some of my 15mm Clone War forces for the game on a 3' x 3' table. Objective was to have control of the launch pad in the center of the table.

Forces are deployed, Host Cards are drawn at the start of each turn with the ability a Saint is able to employ.

The slider tanks rush into the fray.

Dominion Legionaires advance along the cover of the rocks.  Miniatures are Titan Marines by Rebel Minis.

The Drone army advances.

Forces collide!  The Saint and Legion are caught in crossfire from the Drones and a Hexxen Initiate.  Using the Host Card - Hand of Saints - the Saint pulls away one of the Initiate's Hexxen Carvers from his hand to his own and then casts it and his own Host Glaive back at him, but misses.

The Drone force continues to pour the fire killing some of the Legionaires and forcing them to seek cover.

The Sliders begin BUMP firing, performing pop ups to attack units not in LOS.

The Legion attempts to reinforce it's gains.

More Drones advance and fire down onto the Legion forces.


The shattered first squad does a firing retreat, as they fire on the Initiate he uses the Host card - Mirror of Saints - reflecting an Exetis Blaster shot back at the Legionaire who shot, killing him!

Heavy Drones advance!

Team 2 secures the launchpad-

Only to be faced with more Drones and the Initiate!  The Drones open fire and the Initiate attempts to use the Host card - Gale of Saints to blow the Legion off of the launch pad, but fails the roll.  Both the Saint and the Initiate become pinned from crossfire.
Next turn the Saint gains initiative and uses the Host Card - Pull of Saints - and slams the fighter on the launchpad into the Initiate's team, destroying the Drones and routing him.

The game ends with the Initiate rallying and Dueling the Saint and his forces only to lose with a hack to the hand and his armor destroyed.  Of note also is the repeated BUMP attacks of the slider attacks on the Saint reducing his will and slaying most of the Legion.

The game ran fast, have a couple bugs to iron out but play was solid with the game ending in just under 2 hours for our platoon size forces.

More to come,


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