I've been running more 4th Edition Gamma World games and creating some custom maps for the Encounters.  I find it helps to make the games more exciting.  I use everything from Google Map captures to textures in Photoshop to get the look I want. I now offer them to you!  Have fun, I use 15 mm miniatures for the games and print the maps to 11 x 17.  If it is to big, set your printer to Tile and then paste them together with a glue stick.

 A Tech IV room complete with electrified floor!

 A grave yard of ships

 Beautiful Gamma Nature Hikes

 A generic scifi room.

 Various 15s, Khurasan on the maps.  I use a cheap plastic picture frame piece from Walmart to lay over top and then record damage with a dry erase marker beside the figures.

Hope you enjoy!

More to Come,


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