Spear Thrusts: Arnhem, September 22, 1944 Without Fortune Iron Ivan Games

A couple friends came over for a game of Iron Ivan's Disposable Heroes, using the Without Fortune scenario book on Arnhem.

Here the German elements of Kampfgruppe Hohenstaufen attack the beleaguered forces of British 1st Airborne Division trapped at Oosterbeek in the pocket.

The game was to last 10 turns but we ran short of time at 7 turns from jabber jawing :)

The Germans advanced up the tree line, mortaring the Brits in the wood as the Brits moved in and out of cover. The sniper fire from the Brits finished off a German rifle section and they managed to get a across the street to secure the building which was the German objective. The stug was a slow advance and fired a few rounds into the aforementioned house. All in all a good game with a lot of maneuvering to get the most use out of cover.

A view from the British end of the table.

And from the German end.

The MG42 team and Stug advance.

The mortar wails away from the edge of the tree line.


Some lucky hits with the mortar to the Brits ATG, forcing them to pull it back into the tree line.

The long crawl at slow speed with the stug.  This option was chosen over taking the main road where the 17 pdr was waiting.

The Brits light up the advancing Germans with their Vickers HMG.

The ATG wheels back out to the forest edge to redeploy against the Stug.

A look at one of the now OOP gungir paper models I got.

British hold the line!

The Brits Commad rallies the Vickers team.

The PIAT Team and and an LMG section cross the stree to take the building.

Germans claim cover but get pinned in the process.

Another view of the British positions

Brits now hold the building but are sighted by the Stug.

The ATG sights in the Stug but misses!

Fun stuff!

More to come,


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