Projects for 2014

So looking ahead into the next year and back at the last here is my list of Projects:

Number one: Finish the Hollow Earth book, it's very close to being done.

Number two: Finish the Supplement for Victus.

Number Three: Point Blank for the Spanish Civil War. I got some material together for this along with some ideas on scenarios, more to come!

4. Finish my 28mm SCW Moors and cavalry. I got about half done last year, other half to go!

5. Finish my 25mm Volunteer US Cav for the Spanish American war. I'm almost done with the first 15 or so. Great figures with lots of detail.

6. Xwing, I want to get two full squadrons together along with a nice mat and some painting done to the units.

7. 54mm Ancients, a few left to finish for the 3rd Servile War scenarios.

8. Winter War Russian Trucks, I got a bunch of the Force of Arms trucks to finish.

9. Hollow Earth Sumerians, about 20 more to paint.

10. 28mm 1980s Syrians to paint and finish.

We'll see how this all pans out!


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