More standard bearers of the Spanish Civil War

I finally got a chance to finish a couple more standard bearers for my Spanish Civil War collection. Both miniatures are from Anglican Miniatures, now Empress Miniatures and great sculpts.

First up is a Peninsular Army loyalist for the Republican forces

And then for the Nationalists, a Moroccan Regulares Standard Bearer of Mehilla

More to come,


  1. These look great. How do you get the stiff look?

    1. Thanks Jon! I make the banners up in Photoshop and then print them out. I use household cement to glue it to the pole and fold it for the wind blown look.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I still have a ton to paint for SCW. Probably more Moros next.

  3. Fantastic looking figures, a great paintjob!


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