PSYCHO SLASHER!! THE GAME!!! by Iron Ivan Games

Ever want to compete against your friends as Slashers in a 70's style Slasher movie? Yeah, me too. Luckily Chal from Iron Ivan games has our fix.

Psycho-Slasher: The Game is a 30 page long miniature game homage to the low budget slasher films of the 1970's and 1980's, playable in any scale from 15mm to 54mm. Psycho-Slasher is easy to learn, and fun to play, with each player acting as a Writer and running their own Slasher. The competing Slashers don't interact directly, but the Writers have the ability to hinder or help other Slashers with the placement of new weapons, or, more importantly, manipulating the horde of Pawns that populate the Slasher film tableau.

You say that you love the idea, but that you don't have miniatures for a game like this? No problem! Included with the game are printable paper miniatures... you get 5 distinct Slashers, a Cop, and 4 distinct Pawns. Print as many Pawns and Cops as you need, snip, fold, glue, and you are all set! Also included are printable Weapon counters, and Pawn Special counters that introduce twists to the game like Phones (self-explanatory,) Beer (dangerous for Pawns), and Hysteria (AHHHHH!!!).

Give it a try for Halloween!


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